About examination appointment selection examination

Because we will conduct the screening examination appointment screening examinations of the Society, applicants who wish to take the examination submit the necessary documents to the “application form” and submit it to their affiliated branch. In addition, please make a request to the headquarters via the branch for the examination application form. November Heisei 21
Implementation requirements
Exam date Approximately mid May, Heisei 28 (planned)
Examination place Gotanda Cultural Center 1-32-2 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo TEL 03-3491-4010
Examination qualification

Those who are between 30 and 55 years old as of the examination date.
Those who have acquired the importance of the Examining Division, have guidance as members of the Association, and are good sense as members of society.
Person who enrolled at Society lasting for more than 5 years and is profoundly acquainted with Akita dog.
Akita Person who deals with commodity trading of dogs and does not conduct similar acts.
Those who have a certain income and have clear reasons for their living.
Those who have never been punished by the preservation society so far.
A member who has a certain member, a trading company of Akita dog or a member related to them, such as having a deep connection, always a person without criticism from other members.
Of course, as a member, those who are criticized by others as members of society or who do not have unfavorable reputation.
Person who is not directly involved in the operation of the Society, such as directors of the Society and general branch chiefs.
Attached document
Employment certificate (Self-employed is a certificate by municipal office)
Color blind certificate of ophthalmologist
Medical certificate
Resume or more Each one
Application deadline
Wednesday, July 1, 2015 (Request for application form for examination as soon as possible)
Test subject
Written test

① About the standard of Akita dog
② About the height name of Akita dog
③ essay essay
Field test

Akita dog’s review
Interview test

Interview with selection committee members

I will contact you if I join other than the above.