Surrounding map

Akita Inu Hozonkai

13-1, Sannomaru ,Odate City, Akita Prefecture, 0117-8691



In the case of a train

From Higashi-Odate Station, about 15 minutes on foot to the City Hall

Case of car

It is 3.7km from Akita Expressway Odate North Interchange.
※ 5 parking lots on site
There is a large parking space on the opposite side across the road

Around guide


Keijo park

The remains of the burnt castle was maintained as a keijo park, and almost no remnants of castle ruins remained. Cherry blossom trees are planted in the park, and on the south side of the park there is a moat that leaves a remnant which was the only castle ruined, and the Odate city hall is built on the south side (outside) of the moat. On the eastern side are citizen gymnasium, budokan, etc. On the west side National Route No. 7 passes. There is a bridge over National Highway No. 7, which allows direct access to and from the Akita dog hall. The northern side is a bank, and under the eyes it is a hill with a view of the Nagaki River and the Odate city area.